'She wants the battle': Meghan Markle 'has no interest in being silent' over royals


    Meghan Markle “wants the battle” with the royals and has “no interest in being silent”, a biographer has claimed. Tom Bower, who penned the explosive royal book Revenge, claimed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are “stuck with the devil now” over their Netflix and book deals as they need to earn money after quitting the monarchy.

    Mr Bower suggested the only way Prince Harry could backtrack is if Charles paid off Netflix and Penguin Random House in return for an agreement that he would stop speaking out about the Royal Family.

    But the acid-penned biographer claimed former Suits star Meghan has “has no interest whatsoever in giving way”.

    Speaking to GB News presenter Dan Wootton, Mr Bower said: “I don’t see how the Sussexes can give up both the Netflix and the book deal.

    “The only way I can conceive of Harry getting out of it now is if Charles would bail him out. Somehow he’d have to pay off Netflix, he’d have to pay off Random House publishers. It would cost millions of dollars or pounds.

    “Harry might give that to him in return for a signed agreement never to knock the Royal Family again. That’s the only thing I can imagine would actually end this confrontation.

    “But I can’t see Meghan signing that deal. Meghan has no interest whatsoever in giving way, in being silent. She wants the battle.

    “She wants to rubbish the Royal Family and go on to bigger things. So I think this battle is going to go on, hostilities have resumed.”

    Mr Bower – who has previously written books on Boris Johnson and Prince Charles – also claimed Netflix would be reluctant to give up the docuseries the Sussexes have reportedly been filming.

    The investigative journalist said: “I think they have got the dirt. They’ve been filming now for more than a year.

    “And I’m sure that everything Harry spewed out to the ghostwriter for the book he gave Netflix too plus a lot more.

    “So, I’m sure they’ve got it in the can so to speak. The only question now is whether they’re prepared to dump it. I don’t see why they should.”

    Mr Bower’s comments come after royal author Tina Brown said she believes Harry’s memoir “won’t see the light of day” as there would be “no way back” to the royal fold.

    Speaking at the Henley Literary Festival, Ms Brown said: “They are now in this bind, where they’ve taken all this money and Harry has made this book deal where he’s supposed to spill everything about his horrible life as a royal, but now he’s actually tortured about it because he understands there is no way back if he does it.

    “If the book continues, I don’t think there is any way for Harry to return. So my view has always been that the book won’t see the light of day.

    “The window is beginning to close but I always thought at some point a deal would be made and Charles would have to pay back the advance to stop Harry writing this book.”

    Harry and Meghan signed their lucrative Netflix deal after quitting as working royals in March 2020 for a new life in the US and have reportedly been filming a docuseries for the streaming giant.

    Meanwhile, the Duke’s tell-all book – which he has promised will be an “accurate and wholly truthful” account of his life – is due out later this year.

    But there are claims that the show and memoir could be delayed due to the couple, who live in Montecito, wanting to make 11th-hour changes to tone them down.


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