‘She’s a goner!’ Liz Truss slammed as ‘national joke’ ahead of PMQs appearance


    Tory members and lifelong voters are divided by their leader with Will from York, a Conservative Party member telling the BBC: “They’ve lost all backing from the pandemic. “We need them to lose so the Labour Party have a working majority, so the Conservatives can go away and sort themselves out.”

    Meanwhile, long-term Tory voter Sarah said: “Liz Truss is an example of just because you want a job, doesn’t mean you’re up to it. I want us to lose an election badly, so we can re-group and look at what we stand for.”

    GB News host Mark Dolan discussed the Prime Minister’s future with his panel on Tuesday nights show during which he said: “I think Liz Truss is toast.”

    Former Conversative MP, Edwina Currie was on the panel and agreed with Mr Dolan even if the Prime Minister performs well at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

    Mr Dolan recalled a plaster analogy he used previously, in which he said that the Tory Party would be better off removing Truss quickly like a plaster.

    However, Ms Currie disagreed saying that her preference is leaving the plaster on until the wound is healed, and we can move on.

    She said: “If the Conservative Party is to have any chance of winning the next election but also of recovering its own self-respect after the debacle of electing Liz Truss and the mess we’ve had in the last three weeks, I think we all need to calm down.

    “My own feeling is we should wait to the end of the month and see what the medium-term economic plan actually looks like, what it pans out like and then perhaps all be a bit calmer and more serene.”

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    Ms Wyatt told the GB News host: “Liz Truss is a national joke, and we know perfectly well she won’t go this week.

    “They’ll wait until after October 31 and the other mini budget statement and then she’s a goner.

    “You cannot have a PM who is such a distraction and who is the national and international joke.”


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