'Shut up already, Harry!' Duke of Sussex attacked for 'disingenuous' selling documentaries


    Royal Expert Rupert Bell spoke to TalkRadio Julia Hartley-Brewer and discussed Prince Harry’s confessions regarding his mental health. The pair reflected on Prince Harry becoming more open about his battles with his own mental health and the difficulties being raised in the Royal Family. However, Mr Bell argued the Duke of Sussex, at some point, will need to “shut up” and realise how privileged his upbringing was compared to many other people.

    He added, the many shows the Duke is promoting, where he attacks the Royal Family for how they treated his mental health issues are becoming “disingenuous”.

    Ms Hartley-Brewer said: “Prince Harry is talking once again to Oprah Winfrey in his series talking about his childhood, his mother and his mental health.

    “Yet more and more allegations against those around him.

    “It is terrible but it is more of a sob story and I think everyone has got loads of sympathy for him and what he went through as a child.

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    “But I do wonder for how long Prince Harry can sell his mental health to make money.”

    Mr Bell insisted the Duke of Sussex could not continue criticising the Royal Family and at some point would have to stop.

    He said: “I am not sure he can sell his mental health to make money for much longer, I think we are exhausted by it.

    “You are quite right, what he went through was horrendous but there are interviews that he did many times about how much support he got from his father and how they tried to help him.

    “So I think sometimes that he is being disingenuous and at times you have just got to say shut up now.

    “It ultimately feels like he is trying to sell his documentaries and he is doing the talk show thing and having to tell the story.

    “I think he is losing the sense of what the initial problem was.”

    Mr Bell insisted Prince Harry needs to realise the very privileged life he has lived and stop lashing out at the Royal Family.


    He continued: “Yes he went through hell, there are no two ways about it as a 12-year-old but now he needs to come back and smell the roses.

    “He needs to realise he is one hell of a lucky chap.

    If he is as happy as he says he is now that he is married then what has he got to complain about.”


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