Sky News host blasts Thornberry's Remainer instincts as Labour blames Boris instead of EU

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Sky News host Trevor Phillips claimed that Emily Thornberry’s Remainer instincts were showing as the pair clashed over Northern Ireland. Mr Phillips accused Ms Thornberry of attacking the UK instead of the EU and suggested Labour’s position was “to be a rule-taker” from Brussels. Ms Thornberry said that Britain “just needed to get this sorted out” as she called on the Government “to step up and do it”.

This comes as tensions over Northern Ireland continue to erupt, with French President Emmanuel Macron accused of suggesting Northern Ireland is not part of the UK.

Ms Thornberry labelled the spat “completely ridiculous”.

She called on Britain to accept the EU’s offer of a Swiss-style veterinary agreement.

The Labour MP said: “I think the Swiss model is the best one we could have. We should just get on with it.”

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She added: “These agreements are legally binding documents and should be taken seriously.”

However, the Sky News host hit back: “Isn’t this the Remainer in you speaking?

“Essentially saying, it’s difficult but if the EU want to bare down on us, we don’t want to fight, we just have to be a ruler-taker.”

Ms Thornberry accused Boris Johnson of wanting to lower Britain’s food standards in pursuit of trade deals.

Earlier this morning, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab demanded the EU stop being “lopsided and purist” and “show some respect” to the UK.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister is said to have warned he “will obviously not hesitate” Article 16 of the Protocol – the “nuclear option” that allows either side to override it.

Ireland’s Prime Minister said a breakthrough to avert a trade war is possible “if there’s a will there on both sides”.

Taoiseach Micheal Martin said “the channels do exist to get this resolved” as the Northern Ireland Protocol row continued to overshadow the G7 Summit in Cornwall.

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