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Smart Motorway horror: Cameras that protect drivers in breakdowns are found to be broken



Dozens of safety cameras were allegedly either facing the wrong way, broken or had their vision blocked meaning the road could not be seen. Reportedly, almost half the cameras on part of the UK’s busiest road, the M25, were found to be failing.

One in four cameras on junction 34 of the M1, where there have previously been fatalities, were also found facing the wrong way or broken.

One in four cameras were also hit by issues on a section of smart motorway operating on the M3 in Surrey.

Cameras were seen pointing at the ground or even the sky instead of some of the UK’s busiest routes.

In another concern, an undercover report also claims the software used to close the lanes and control speeds has gone down several times.

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The undercover reporter claims a range of old technology in use across the control room which they said slows down decision making.

They claim the 2004 CCTV control boxes in use across the site took longer to spot vehicles in another safety concern.

The findings were made by an undercover Daily Mail reporter working at the South Mimms operations centre.

Ministers promised to take the claims “very seriously” and have confirmed National Highways will undertake a full investigation.

He added: “These upgrades work as a system, with technology, infrastructure and people working together, and data shows fatalities are less likely than on conventional motorways.

“If there is a problem with any one part of the system, other parts are activated to help keep traffic moving safely.

‘Our traffic officers work around the clock, every day of the year to help drivers and deal with incidents.

“We are, however, investigating these allegations as a matter of urgency.”


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