Smoker's teeth: 5 ways smoking impacts your teeth


    Tooth discolouration

    White teeth will never go out of style but you will never achieve gleaming, healthy teeth if you smoke.

    Even smoking a couple of cigarettes per day will lead to staining and discolouration, just at a slightly slower pace than if you smoked more, according to the experts at Banning Dental.

    They explained: “Imagine your teeth are like a cherished piece of porcelain (this is the enamel of your teeth).

    “The porcelain has very fine cracks in it and as we use our teeth over the years, the miniature cracks absorb almost everything we eat and drink.

    “For smokers, with each pull on a cigarette, nicotine, tar, and other substances that contribute to making these tobacco sticks so addictive, seep into the cracks and contribute to classic yellowing signs of a smokers teeth. Because the vapour is so fine, it can do this all too easily.”

    No matter how well you brush and clean your teeth, the heavy staining can’t be removed and your teeth will remain yellow.

    Yellow teeth also make us appear older than we are, and you probably don’t want that!

    The experts added: “The brightness and vitality that we may have once had in our youth is now giving way to a more tired, dull, stale appearance.

    “In a society that is so keen to defy the effects of ageing, ditching the fags would be the most effective anti-ageing practice of all. Saving you money and your health!”


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