Soapwatch: CLAUDIA CONNELL'S ultimate insight into this week's soaps 


    Rebound relationships feature heavily in soaps. Very few couples meet, fall in love and live happily ever after. Even those considered rock solid (like Mick and Linda in EastEnders) still have dalliances only to reunite down the line. 

    This week it’s the turn of Tyrone in Coronation Street when he moves towards a reconciliation with Fiz following his wildly unconvincing romance with Alina. And Ty has plenty of people to call on for advice on The Street. 

    Leanne and Nick and Peter and Carla have been apart and together more times than the Rovers has served hotpots.

    We all know it’s a given that EastEnders’ Martin and Stacey are going to get back together when she’s released from prison, and I wouldn’t rule out Phil and Sharon giving their relationship ‘one last chance’ for the hundredth time either.

    Tiff gives Sonia an ultimatum to kick Dotty out of the house then later lays into her at the gym (pictured) in EastEnders

    For rural folk it can be slim pickings on the dating scene, especially if you never leave your village, like those in Emmerdale. It explains why Marlon is back with Rhona, mother of his son Leo. For now. There’s plenty of time for another split. 


    Tensions are running high at Sonia’s house after Tiff gives her an ultimatum – if Sonia doesn’t kick Dotty out, then she’ll leave instead. Later at the gym Tiff lays into Dotty, her boxing partner.

    It’s a busy week for the paramedics. They’re called to attend to those caught up in the fire at Phil’s house and next it’s over to The Vic where Linda goes into labour, as Jack continues to demand to know whether Max is the father of her baby.

    Jean is arrested over the weed-growing at her garage but refuses to co-operate with the police. When Lily tells her father that she got her drugs from Jean, and Ruby knew all about it, Martin starts to suspect Ruby isn’t such a diamond after all. 

    He notices a text on Ruby’s phone from the police thanking her for assisting in a drugs-related arrest and realises she’s shopped Jean to the police.

    Stunned, Martin heads off to visit Stacey in prison, where he admits to being a fool for believing Ruby’s lies. 

    Stacey tells him that if he doesn’t deal with his vengeful wife then she will kill her. When Martin confronts Ruby she finally comes clean, admitting she deliberately got Stacey sent to prison.


    Tyrone searches Phil’s car in the hopes of proving he’s a wrong ‘un in Coronation Street. Pictured: Tyrone, with Kevin 

    As Alina presses ahead with her plans for her Romanian wedding, Hope apologises to her for starting the fire and admits that she started several others in the past too. Run, Alina, run for the hills.

    Meanwhile, Tyrone tells Fiz how much he enjoyed their kiss and that his engagement to Alina was a big mistake. He then tells a heartbroken Alina that he wants to get back together with his ex. 

    But, sadly for Ty and his super-tight jeans, Fiz has moved on with new love Phill.

    When Phill drops his car off at the garage, a jealous Tyrone searches the vehicle in the hope of proving Phill’s a wrong ’un. When he stumbles upon a napkin with a woman’s name on it, he thinks he’s hit the jackpot.

    Sad news arrives in Weatherfield that Norris has died. Actor Malcolm Hebden, who played the busybody so brilliantly for over two decades, announced his retirement earlier this year. 

    A toast is raised at the Rovers, but it’s not long before Freda and Mary are squabbling over funeral arrangements.

    Matty (pictured) tries to bolster barbecue flames with lighter fluid and gets badly burnt when a fireball erupts in Emmerdale

    Matty (pictured) tries to bolster barbecue flames with lighter fluid and gets badly burnt when a fireball erupts in Emmerdale

    Alya falls victim to a fraudster who cleans out the Speed Daal bank account. How can there be any money in it? Every customer has a fight with a family member and flounces off before ordering any food.

    Not to worry, though – Zeedan returns and, for some mysterious reason, he has pots of money and hands over £50k to tide Alya over.


    Marlon has been having a slow meltdown recently. The question is: why? Cooking half a dozen meals a week in The Woolie is hardly toiling at the coalface. Things get worse when he hosts a barbecue at the pub and asks Matty to help.

    Matty tries to bolster the flames with lighter fluid and gets badly burnt when a fireball erupts. Moira confronts Chas and insists her idiot son is entitled to compensation. Can the pub afford it?

    Ellis and Priya pitch an idea to Kim – a boot camp survival challenge. Why not just get people to live with Kim for a week? If they survive that they can survive anything.


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