Softwave Treatment: What is it and how does it work on your skin?

    Softwave Treatment
    Softwave Treatment

    Can you compromise on your looks? No! You won’t! Also, you should not be compromising. What contributes to your overall personality? Hair, skin, dresses, shoes and makeover? Yeah, these all contribute. What if you wore the best-suited dress, hair styling is fine but your face looks dull and aged? A skincare routine is effective if you are following but some lazy females find it hard. For them, it is best to visit a clinic once a month and have some necessary treatment.

    Skin treatments differ and females are always conscious of which to choose. Have you heard of Softwave treatment before? What is it and how is it effective? This blog presents a detailed overview of Softwave treatment..

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    Softwave Treatment: What is it?

    When you enter the young adulthood phase, collagen and elastin degenerate giving birth to wrinkles. Softwave treatment is an advanced, non-invasive approach to repairing and remodelling degenerative collagen, as a result, skin tightens and wrinkles fade away. This is FDA approved treatment against wrinkles and lifting of eyebrows, submental and neck. The treatment session is thirty to forty-five minutes long. Moreover, most patients don’t require multiple sessions to witness the results. They can see visible results after the first treatment session.

    Why choose Softwave Treatment?

    Softwave treatment is suggested as the best treatment option for skin ageing problems for the following reasons.

    1.   FDA Approved technology

    The therapeutic results of Softwave technology on facial wrinkles were studied in a multi-centre clinical investigation, and the proportion of cases was rated as healed or improved considerably 12 weeks after a single session.

    2.   Efficient and cost-effective

    While choosing any treatment option, you first inquire whether the treatment is safe and effective or not. No one pays for ineffective and costly treatments. SUPERB technology with inbuilt cooling Sofcool ensures that the epidermis and associated structures below the dermis are not damaged. It ensures safe treatment sessions.

    3.   Non-invasive approach

    Ultrasound radiation travels through the skin’s surface with precision, warming the mid-dermal tissue to the exact depth and degree of heat required to rejuvenate collagen fibres. Following therapy, patients can rapidly return to their normal lives.

    4.   Short treatment sessions

    It gives you rapid results and is a simple procedure. Patients appreciate how this procedure may fit into their busy schedules at any time of day.

    5.   Treats all skin types

    This treatment method applies to all skin types. Safety and effectiveness remain the same regardless of the skin type.

    Mode of action

    The ultrasound waves should pass up to 1.5 mm deep in the mid-dermis while treating the patient for wrinkles. SUPERB technology eases the process by generating enough heat at the exact depth. Sofcool ensures dermis layer safety from damage.

    On receiving Ultrasound waves, the healing reaction is stimulated. It promotes and regenerates collagen in the dermis, resulting in fading fine lines and wrinkles.

    Take Away!

    Skin problems should not be overlooked as they spoil over time. Seek medical advice as soon as you experience wrinkle or fine lines issues. It is best recommended for neck lifting among females in their 30s. Avail of the advanced treatment options and enjoy long-lasting benefits at least prices.


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