Strictly's Motsi Mabuse insists slimmer body 'wasn't healthy' as she addresses weight gain


    Motsi Mabuse, 41, who is best known for being one of the four judges on Strictly Come Dancing sat down with Dr Alex George to discuss how their mental health plays a part with how they exercise and vice versa. When asked the question: “Is the main importance of exercise to make you feel good or to change how you look?” Mosti looked back on her past as a dancer, explaining that when she was wearing dresses from the Latin dance world she didn’t believe she was healthy.

    With Dr Alex George finding it an “easy” question to answer, Motsi went on to explain: “Coming from the Latin world and wearing those different types of dresses.

    “And having to show your body like that and seeing the change.

    “When I look at my pictures from a few years ago I am like ‘yes that is a look,’ but I don’t believe I was healthy then.”

    Speaking about her personal experience, Motsi then nodded along and agreed with the rest of the conversation, especially about the pressure social media puts on individuals to look a certain way.

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    Having grown up in the competitive world of dance, Motsi spoke again about how exercise relates to her mental health.

    She said: “I come from a competitive world where absolutely everything is competitive and you do not forgive.

    “So learning to find out what is good for me, what do I need? I do not need that competitiveness.

    “I am going to look at you and think ‘Oh when is my six pack coming?’ and that is the opposite of taking care of myself.”


    Supporting the campaign with exercise brand ASICS, Motsi also shared a post with her 528,000 Instagram followers, which shared her “dramatic transformation”.

    In the post, although Motsi shared two images of herself side by side looking similar physically, it is the dancer’s difference in mood that is clear.

    Captioning the image, Motsi wrote: “I’m proud being part of @ASICS #DramaticTransformation to redefine before and after pictures this World Mental Health Day.

    “Did you spot the difference? Well not all exercise transformations are visible…

    “Exercise transformation pics can damage our self-confidence and mental health, which is why I’m joining ASICS to encourage you to ditch the harmful before and after pics and celebrate the positive transformation that happens in our minds.”

    Gaining 1,372 likes on her post, Mosti also received tons of comments from fans both in the UK and in Germany due to the star’s connections with the country.

    One user, Alec, commented: “I love this. We all need to understand that there is beauty in all of us being the way we are.”

    And a second, which was translated from German read: “Most beautiful message.

    “And since the message is frighteningly not understood by so many, shows how important campaigns like this one is!!!”

    Becoming an advocate for positive mental health, Motsi also openly discusses her rise to fame and her love of dance in her book Finding My Own Rhythm, which came out at the beginning of last month.

    Celebrating the launch of her book with a heartfelt Instagram post, which explained what the book is about, Motsi wrote: “I am excited & humbled to start the week by sharing some exciting news with you! The book is my story: A story about growth , A story of resilience, a story of a journey , from growing up in South Africa, competing in dance tournaments round the world and fulfilling my dreams to become a Latin dance champion.

    “This is a book that will make you understand how at times when you feel like things are not going your way , how you can take that feeling and thrive.”


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