Stripping towels with baking soda: How to properly clean your towels with baking soda


    Washing machines aren’t doing a good enough job at cleaning your towels, according to social media. Laundry stripping is the new way to clean your towels and strip away all the dirt, grime, sand and other nasties stuck in the fibres that your washing machine can’t remove. Not convinced? Here’s how to try it for yourself – the results will amaze you!

    TikToker @mrslaurenelms showed her followers how to strip towels, and the video has gained more than 850,000 views.

    After previously receiving comments of disbelief on a video showing how to ‘strip’ workout clothes, the TikToker decided to change up her method.

    The initial video used a quarter of a cup of Borax (sodium borate), a quarter of a cup of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda Laundry Booster (a baking soda based detergent), and a “generous scoop of Tide (washing detergent), but people in the comments weren’t impressed.

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    Still not convinced about laundry stripping? The TikToker did the same method on white sheets and a duvet to see how effective it really is.

    The water still turned brown and left the material sparkling white.

    While some of the colour in the bath water is dye from the towels, this isn’t anything to worry about.

    This method should be used every now and then rather than every time you wash your clothes or towels.

    Once your water is totally coloured, put the towels in your washing machine and wash them as you normally would.

    Some experts suggest putting white vinegar into the machine with the towels to get rid of any extra product buildup and make them fluffy.

    Leave them to dry on the washing line or stick them in the tumble dryer and you’re done!


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