Suez canal blocked LIVE: Authorities draw new plan as ships head for Cape of Good Hope

The Suez Canal, one of the most vital seafaring trade routes in the world, has been blocked since March 23. The culprit, the MV Ever Given, became stuck between its banks during inclement weather in the region and has confounded local authorities.

They are now trying every method available to remove the 400-metre-long supertanker and free up more than $9 billion in daily trade.

In a bid to allow a traffic jam of more than 200 ships to pass through the trade artery, shipping authorities have proposed using the tides to their advantage.

The president of Shoei Kisen, the ship’s owners, said yesterday there was no sign of internal damage, and all the Ever Given needed to do was float again.

Yukito Higaki said this latest plan could shift the tanker by the weekend.

He said: “The ship is not taking water. There is no problem with its rudders and propellers.”

“Once it refloats, it should be able to operate.

“We are continuing work to remove sediment as of now, with additional dredging tools.”

International leaders have also offered their help as the crisis grows, treating global trade.

Among them was US President Joe Biden, who offered his country’s “equipment and capacity”.

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