Suez canal crisis: What has happened to Ever Given crew? What REALLY caused the blockage?

But what has happened to the Ever Given crew and what really caused the blockage?

The Ever Given’s technical operator, Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM), has repeatedly blamed strong winds.

The company said: “Initial investigations rule out any mechanical or engine failure as a cause of the grounding.”

The Suez Canal Authority said initially the ship lost the ability to be steered in high winds and a dust storm, although Mr Rabie later added that “technical or human errors” may be to blame.

Marcus Baker, global head of marine and cargo at Marsh Inc. told Reuters: “There’ll be an investigation, clearly, because this has had such a big impact and exactly what’s happened here, I think, will be debated for some time.”

He added: “What do we do going forward to ensure it doesn’t happen again?

“Again, I would leave that to the competent authorities that are in Egypt to decide how they want to make sure that traffic transits safely through the canal because, look, it’s in their interest to do that.”

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