Sunak hit by backlash over migrant crisis as poll finds PM has 'lost control' of border


    Rishi Sunak has said the migrant crisis is a “serious and escalating problem” and admitted that “not enough” asylum claims are being processed. The Prime Minister insisted the Government is getting a grip on the situation and backed Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s handling of the issue. But in a new GB News poll, professor Matthew Goodwin from the University of Kent, pointed out more than half of Brits have lost confidence in the Conservative’s immigration system.

    Speaking to Nigel Farage on GB News, Mr Goodwin said: “Most of the country think the Government is no longer in control of Britain’s borders.

    “Nearly 60 percent of British adults say the Government is no longer in control, three quarters of Conservatives, three quarters of leavers.

    “This to me actually takes us back to the early 2010s when public confidence in the immigration system basically collapsed.

    “I think in a way we’re right back there.”

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    He added: “I think it puts Rishi Sunak in a very difficult position because the migration flows are changing rapidly.

    “I was struck listening to the Dan O’Mahoney speak to the Home Affairs Committee this week, he’s the Channel taskforce commander.

    “His point to me was sobering. He said Albanians are the largest group within all of the groups that are crossing the Channel and he was very explicit, he said ‘this isn’t about genuine asylum, this is about organised criminality’.

    “I decided to poll the question this week and we found that 60 percent of people in Britain say let’s send Albanians back immediately.

    “I think from their perspective Albania is not in a war, there’s no major conflict, it’s joining the European Union.

    “On the one hand, I think we’ve got evidence showing the British people are incredibly tolerant and welcoming of people who are genuine refugees but they are on the other hand clearly thinking and feeling they are being taken for a ride.”

    Mr Sunak said Ms Braverman has taken “significant steps” to address the problem of overcrowding at the Manston migrant processing facility in Kent.

    Listing her actions, he told MPs at Prime Minister’s Questions: “Since September 30, more hotels with 4,500 new beds, appointing a senior general to control the situation at Manston and, indeed, increasing the number of staff there by almost a half.


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    “These are significant steps that demonstrate that we are getting a grip of this system.

    “But this is a serious and escalating problem. We will make sure that we control our borders and we will always do it fairly and compassionately, because that is the right thing.”

    Later, a Tory MP warned there could be a resurgence of a “Ukip-style party” if the Conservatives do not get a handle on the crisis.

    Craig Mackinlay, a former Ukip member, told LBC’s Tonight with Andrew Marr: “They wouldn’t be able to solve it any better than we could, I can promise you that. But if this is an issue that remains unsolved… it’s a weak point that they can exploit.”


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