'Swift change': Queen's 'affection' for dressmaker Angela Kelly 'not shared' by Charles


    Queen attends London Fashion Week with Angela Kelly in 2018

    The Queen’s affection for her personal assistant, confidante and dresser, Angela Kelly, is reportedly “not shared” by King Charles III. Miss Kelly, 64, is one of the members of the Royal Household to have closely served Elizabeth II for decades.

    However, in the aftermath of the death of Her Majesty, her prominent position within the palace changed quickly, royal commentator Richard Kay suggested.

    In an article for the Daily Mail, the newspaper’s editor-at-large said Miss Kelly was at Balmoral Castle with the Queen on her last days.

    He went on to claim: “By the time she returned to Windsor from Balmoral last week, bringing several bags of Her Majesty’s possessions, locks to the royal apartments at the castle — where Miss Kelly once had unfettered access — had changed.

    “If ever there was a sign of how brutal and how swift change in the royal world comes, it was this.”

    Angela Kelly wearing black

    The Queen’s dressmaker Angela Kelly first joined the royal household in 1993 (Image: GETTY)

    Angela Kelly smiling

    Angela Kelly became the Queen’s personal assistant in 2001 (Image: GETTY)

    Mr Kay noted the end of the Queen’s reign is set to bring change not just to Britain, which is now being led by a new head of state, but also within the Royal Household, with staff at Clarence House and some of those who provided personal services to the late monarch facing the axe.

    The royal commentator continued: “Many royal watchers will be paying particular attention to see just what happens to Miss Kelly, though.

    “Because, for all the undoubted affection the Queen showed for the one-time Women’s Royal Army Corps driver, it is not shared by the new King.”

    On the other hand, Mr Kay added, the new monarch is believed to be “fond” of another royal staffer who served his mother for decades – Paul Whybrew, nicknamed Tall Paul.

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    The Queen, Anna Wintour and Angela Kelly

    The Queen, Anna Wintour and Angela Kelly at the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design in 2018 (Image: GETTY)

    The Queen’s page of the backstairs was famously one of the first people to aid the late monarch in 1982, when Michael Fagan had entered her bedroom undisturbed.

    Mr Whybrew was also on the Queen’s side when she filmed a skit with Daniel Craig for the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

    The Queen’s affection for Miss Kelly was made apparent when she granted her permission to write a series of books about her life as the Queen’s dresser.

    The 64-year-old has so far released two books, strictly linked to her work at the side of the late monarch.


    Angela Kelly at the Queen's funeral

    Angela Kelly at the Queen’s funeral (Image: GETTY)

    Paul Whybrew at the Queen's funeral

    Paul Whybrew served the Queen for several decades (Image: GETTY)

    The first, Dressing The Queen, was published in 2012 and focused on Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee wardrobe.

    The second title, published in 2019, was The Other Side Of The Coin: The Queen, The Dresser And the Wardrobe and provided not just details about Elizabeth II’s dresses and styles but also anecdotes about her relationship with Miss Kelly.

    Her Majesty is also understood to have allowed Miss Kelly to remain for life in the home she has been living in the past years.

    Miss Kelly was one of the hundreds of people who attended the Queen’s funeral at Westminster Abbey on Monday.

    Key events in the life of the Queen mapped

    Key events in the life of the Queen (Image: EXPRESS)

    The dressmaker and confidante arrived at the London abbey alongside the Queen’s ladies-in-waiting and sat with Mr Whybrew and Barry Mitford, the late sovereign’s Serjeant-at-Arms.

    These royal aides served the Queen also throughout the coronavirus pandemic, becoming part of the HMS Bubble – the group of people who self-isolated at Windsor Castle to prevent the late monarch and Prince Philip to get in contact with COVID-19.

    Miss Kelly first met the Queen in 1992, when she was working as a housekeeper to the then British ambassador to Germany, Sir Christopher Mallaby.

    As the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen were staying at the residence for an official visit to Berlin, they had the chance to chat with Miss Kelly.

    King Charles sitting on a throne

    King Charles III acceded to the throne on September 8 (Image: GETTY)

    In 1993, she was offered a job as a dresser at Buckingham Palace.

    Miss Kelly quickly advanced in her career, becoming senior dresser three years later and the Queen’s first-ever personal assistant in 2001.

    Among her duties, she would buy what was necessary for the Queen’s outfits, design them and even break in her new shoes.

    During the lockdowns, Miss Kelly also became the late monarch’s hairdresser, a role she resumed as the health of the Queen started to deteriorate.


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