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Tearful mother with Long Covid wishes her old life back – ‘Like walking through treacle’



In an interview with BBC News, Katy Egerton, 36, said the chronic fatigue she has experienced since catching Covid makes every move she takes feel like “walking through treacle.”  The mother of one from North Yorkshire, caught coronavirus in March 2020.

Katy initially thought she had recovered after 10 days of battling the virus but later returned to hospital for three months.

It is understood she did not have any underlying health issues before she contracted the virus.

During an interview, Katy struggled to breathe and became overwhelmed with emotion as she is ‘grieving her old life.’

The mother of one now has to limit the number of times she climbs the stairs every day.

“I used to dance from the age of two. I would walk miles with my daughter.

“I now have to plan to go up the stairs to make sure I don’t go up too many times because I just have to lie down getting dressed.”

The Office for National Statistics has said that almost 400,000 people in the UK admit to still having Long Covid for more than a year.

Out of these 40% say they have been left with muscle pain and symptoms of tiredness for at least 12 months.

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“I loved my life before this and you do grieve for your old life, but you can’t because you’ve got to accept now and move forward and that is the only way you can help with recovery.”


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