Tesco launches ‘special’ fresh produce deal offering 25 percent off – limited time only

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Tesco has announced that it has launched a grocery deal on fruit as well as offering customers more discounted fresh goods than ever before. The supermarket will be running the deal for another three weeks only.

Included in the deal, which gives shoppers a 25 percent saving when buying two lines of fruit, are all berries, most stone fruit as well as grapes.

Tesco has seen an increase in demand for fruit and vegetables since the first national lockdown due to many Britons cooking at home more. 

Not only will customers be able to pick up two fruit punnets for £3, there will also be more discounted fruit on display than ever before in order to meet the expected demand.

The supermarket giant has said it will also be creating extra shelf space to accommodate the fresh produce. 

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“Now, as part of our pledge to offer customers healthier food choices, we are going to double their shelf space when we do special deals so that we have more availability.

“With warmer weather here to last and BBQ season about to start in earnest, we anticipate that summer fruit will continue to be in high demand.”

Summer fruit lines included in the deal are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums and grapes.

Kent fruit grower Mansfields, which supplies Tesco, has also seen a huge increase in demand for their own fruit in the last 14 months.

Mansfield CEO Philip Hermon said: “Shopping habits changed dramatically last year which was great for fruit growers like ourselves.

“But despite lockdown restrictions easing, it still looks like many people will be staying at home this summer and will be looking forward to spending as much time as possible enjoying BBQs in their gardens or outside.

“And it last summer is anything to go by, then demand for classic British summer fruit like strawberries, cherries and plums will be high again.”

Savvy shoppers will be able to find the deal in all Tesco Extras and Superstores for another three weeks.

In other Tesco news, the retailer recently started its trial of a new delivery service at its Willenhall Express store in Wolverhampton.

The new delivery service will aim to deliver customers groceries in less than an hour.

If successful, the supermarket chain will expand it to more stores across the UK.

The new service, which is called Whoosh, can be accessed when customers order their weekly shop online or via the Tesco app.

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