The 5 ways to avoid killing your house plants and keep them happy

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How much water?

When buying a plant for the first time, you’ve likely done the same as everyone else and asked the seller how much water it needs.

Unfortunately, things aren’t that straightforward when it comes to house plants, which, like humans, have routines but don’t actually live by them.

The experts at Nature by Letterbox explained: “How much water you give your plant depends on the type of plant you own, as well as the weather conditions outside, and the temperature of the room.

“Fortunately, the solution is pretty simple – just like you judge when you should eat by hunger pangs, you can work out when a plant needs water by checking the soil.

“If it’s dry, it needs water. From here you can, over time, gauge a good understanding of when to water your plants; if the soil is crumbling when you hold it in your hands, it’s a good time for water, if it’s soggy then leave it be.”

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