The sunshine supplement mixed with calcium linked to 17 percent increase of deadly disease


    According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, an analysis of 20 studies found that a combination of vitamin D and calcium in a supplement could increase the risk of a deadly attack. Of the 42,072 research participants, 3,690 had strokes during the trials. Thus, the researchers concluded that vitamin D and calcium supplementation – taken together – could increase the risk of a stroke by 17 percent.

    Instead of supplementation, Dr Michos recommends “people should focus on getting their nutrients from a heart-healthy diet”.

    “The data increasingly show that the majority of healthy adults don’t need to take supplements,” he added.

    A heart-healthy diet and reducing risk of stroke

    The Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated: “Choosing healthy meal and snack options can help you prevent stroke.”

    This includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, foods low in saturated fats and trans fat, and foods high in fibre.


    “Limiting salt (sodium) in your diet can also lower your blood pressure,” the health body pointed out.

    “High cholesterol and high blood pressure increase your chances of having a stroke.”

    Dr Michos and his fellow researchers stated that following a low-salt diet can decrease the risk of death by 10 percent.

    Of five studies, where 3,680 participants with high blood pressure were put on a low-salt diet, the risk of death by heart disease decreased by 33 percent.

    There may be other, less-known symptoms of a stroke that are worth noting.

    For instance, a sudden, severe headache could be a warning sign of a stroke.

    Other signs might include:

    • Sudden weakness or numbness on one side of the body, including legs, hands or feet.
    • Difficulty finding words or speaking in clear sentences.
    • Sudden blurred vision or loss of sight in one or both eyes.
    • Sudden memory loss or confusion, and dizziness or a sudden fall.

    If you encounter somebody who is showing signs of a stroke, call 999 immediately – it could save a life.


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