The Zen technique to improve your intuition in investing

    Zen technique
    Zen technique

    The pivotal moments in our lives are often characterised by hard and complex choices, by emotionally charged moments when our backs are against the wall, forced to make a final decision that points us in one direction or the other. On more than one occasion, the choices we make in these kinds of moments can decisively influence the course of our lives, giving it a very precise direction.

    Some people are used to deciding by following their instincts, an uncontrollable impulse that seems to temporarily paralyse their intellect and push them to make a certain choice, not so much for rational reasons but out of a sort of inner urgency, due to the knowledge that the moment being experienced will be absolutely decisive for their destiny.

    In those moments, the mind and conscience cannot tolerate such a burden of responsibility and are naturally inclined to lead the individual towards a hasty and impulsive choice, as if they wanted to get rid of the problem as soon as possible and possibly without further aggravating the situation. By acting in this way, people entrust their crucial choices to chance, to an irrational and uncontrollable impulse that is not the result of reasoning, but rather an involuntary reaction of the conscience when faced with a complex situation.

    Crucial decisions

    The most important moments of our lives, and consequently also decisions, should be experienced with great lucidity, and great mental clarity, so that anxiety and restlessness related to instinctual impulses are banished. Calmness and mental tranquillity trigger a completely different mechanism, rooted in the more rational and analytical part of our mind. By making decisions in this state, including those concerning your investments even with the help of advisors like Ellevest, you can rest assured that your destiny will not be entrusted to uncontrollable and unpredictable variables, as our impulsive attitudes can be, but will derive directly from complex reasoning that has nothing irrational about it, quite the contrary.

    If you keep your mind in a constant state of mental lucidity, you will undoubtedly become much more adept at finding an appropriate solution to complex situations, as if the mind gradually acquires the ability to process these kinds of situations faster and faster, always identifying the best choice to make for any given circumstance. The same applies to investments: we often decide to invest in a totally impulsive manner, attracted by one or two elements that have caught our attention, without asking ourselves whether or not it is a positive choice for our future.

    Training the mind

    To prepare your mind for the most difficult choices in your life, including those related to investments, all you need to do is adopt some small daily habits that will revolutionise your mental state, making you calmer and much more lucid. One of these is meditation, even with apps like Muse: before jumping into your next investment, sit quietly for about ten minutes and try to enter into deep meditation.

    Clear your mind of all superfluous elements and try not to mind the thoughts that cross your mind in those few minutes: just accept them and wait for them to dissolve on their own. When you come out of the meditation state, dedicate a minute or two to enjoying the feeling of extreme well-being that you will find yourself in, which is one of the beneficial effects of these practices. When you have repeated this exercise for several consecutive weeks, you will certainly notice an enhancement of your mental faculties, as if you had suddenly become much clearer and much more competent than before.

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    Your investment decisions may depend to a large extent on your well-being in the medium and long term, but especially in the present. It is precisely there that you will have to put your attention, on the present moment, preparing your mind to make complex choices.

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