Home News Thornberry dismantled over 'relentless poisonous Brexit negativity' in furious Commons row

Thornberry dismantled over 'relentless poisonous Brexit negativity' in furious Commons row


Labour’s Shadow International Trade Secretary has been slapped down by Government Minister Michael Ellis over the Labour Party’s stance on Brexit. Mr Ellis slammed the opposition for showing a “relentless negativity” over the UK’s departure from the EU. He called on Ms Thornberry’s party to embrace the opportunities that have come from Britain being free from the “shackles of the regulation and bureaucracy” that came with EU membership.

Ms Ellis told MPs: “[Thornberry] should welcome the opportunities that Brexit has afforded this country.

“The party opposite’s relentless negativity, may I say poisonous negativity about the opportunities of Brexit really is a sight to behold.

“What about the wonderful positions that this country, now that we are free from the shackles of the regulation and bureaucracy, and the burdensome arrangments that were applied carte blanch to all members states of the European Union.

“I would urge her to look at the positives and to look at the facts for example that this country is now the number one country in the G7 for economic growth on the GPD front.

“That we have a million job opportunities for our constituents and the people of this country.

“Those are positives,” he added.

“Those are things that have been delivered post-Brexit.”

It comes after Ms Thornberry argued shortages in goods and staff had been “exacerbated” by Brexit.

“And while people of Northern Ireland remain stuck in limbo as the Government refuses to implement the Brexit deal that they negotiated.”

It comes as Labour’s shadow international trade claimed Brexit had led to a lack of investment in Britain.

She has demanded that the international trade secretary take action to secure new deals as a matter of urgency.

Ms Thornbery told reporters last week: “This summit is a crucial opportunity for the Department of Trade to reverse the steep decline we’ve seen since 2016 in the number of new projects and new jobs created in the UK through inward investment.”

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