Thoughtless beachgoers block RNLI lifeboat station with bikes 'lives could depend on it!'

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The Margate RNLI team shared a horrifying image which appears to show around 10 motorbikes parked and blocking their launch route. Sharing the image on Facebook, the crew are attempting to remind people that this could be the difference between life and death for someone.

The post said: “It is good to see the town enjoying a busy weekend in this fine weather but can we make a plea to locals and visitors alike.

“We are an emergency service and operational as normal and require free passage both for the lifeboat crew to get to the boathouse in an emergency and more importantly to allow the lifeboat to be able to launch – lives could depend on this.

“The route is clearly marked and we ask please that visitors use the designated car parks in the town – have fun everyone but help us do our job!”

People have been responding to the statement online, agreeing that every effort needs to be made to make lifeboats as easy to dispatch as possible.

One said: “Can’t people see that the lifeboats are an emergency services at the sea side.”

A second added: “Surely give every single one of them a ticket, that’s absurd!”

Another said: “Wow that is unacceptable, they should know not to park there as you may be needed in a emergency, you are just as important as the police, fire & ambulance crews.”

The warning comes as thousands flock to Britain’s coasts to enjoy the hot weather over the bank holiday.

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