Tips On Taking Care Of Your Sexual Health

    People are getting past the era where talking about any sex topic was off-limits. Sexual health is an essential component of human health and cannot be ignored. From conversations about how to have enjoyable and comfortable sex to sexually transmitted diseases, many relevant topics fall under the sexual health umbrella. People have the right to be informed about all aspects of sexual health to make informed choices. Here are some tips to help you take care of your sexual health.

    Practice Safe Sex

    Safe sex is something you need to practice whether you have one or multiple partners. If you have a partner, have a conversation, ensuring you are on the same page about safe sex. Safe sex is not just for sexually transmitted diseases but for an unwanted pregnancy as well. Some of the things you can talk to your partner about include:

    remember hormone testing is important to live a healthy sexual life.

    • The birth control options to consider
    • Steps to take to lower the risk of an unwanted pregnancy or STI
    • If or when to start a family
    • How many children does each person want

    Practicing Sexual Wellness

    There are many wellness conditions that can hold back your sex life. They include erectile dysfunction, reproductive tract infections (RTIs), and erectile dysfunction. Getting treatment for these conditions ensures there is mutual comfort and satisfaction during sex. Also, people who experience limited libido, pain, chronic exhaustion, or emotional and mental health conditions may want to get medical advice from a professional.

    Getting Tested For Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Time and time again, people are advised to get tested for HIV and STIs if they are sexually active. Before you start having sex with a person, know each other’s statuses. This is particularly important if you do not plan to use a CD. Knowing your situation will help you start treatment early and protect your partner as well.


    Communication is important during sexual activity. Discussing preference and desire enhances sexual enjoyment or pleasure. While it may take time to learn what a person likes, such conversations are necessary for developing a healthy sexual life. Communication does not need to only happen during sex. Even during dinner or when you and your partner have gone out, these are some of the things to talk about. Ask your partner about preferences, thoughts on using high end sex toys, sexual positions to explore, etc. It is also essential to make this conversation non-judgmental. You want your partner to feel safe and comfortable talking about sexual desires.

    Accepting Your Body

    Body image is a significant issue regarding sexual health. Being confident in your body despite the size, shape, or type, is a major component of sexual wellness. Individuals that have received unpleasant or stereotypical messages regarding their bodies may limit themselves sexually. In return, this can result in an unhealthy lifestyle or habits, leading to poor sexual health. Accepting your body will help you become more confident and make positive choices regarding your general wellness, hence promoting a healthy sex life. 

    Make Sexual Health Checkup Part of Your Regular Healthcare Routine

    Protect your sexual health through regular checkups. Find a healthcare provider that respects you and makes you feel comfortable. It is your right to receive good medical care. Ensure you have honest talks with your provider about any issues that can affect your sexual health and the steps you can take to promote it. Checkups are the right time to share concerns or ask questions, including sexual functioning and performance.

    When was the last time you gave your sexual health the attention it deserves? Avoiding STIs, feeling good about your body, and a satisfying sex life are all important parts of life that should not be taken lightly.

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