Top 5 luxury casino hotels and resorts around the world to visit in 2022

    luxury casino hotels
    luxury casino hotels

    Countries across the planet are upping their game with casinos in their sights, combining all the best aspects of a luxury vacation with the elegance and thrills of a casino gambling vacation. Best New Zealand Casinos, the largest online resource of new casino sites in New Zealand, it would be the best alternative if you cannot visit the destinations below.

    Sun City Casino Resort, South Africa

    Sun City Resort in the northwest province of South Africa is a great place to escape the craziness of a casino-dominated city. The enormous resort is located in Rustenburg in a great place to go if you’re looking a great casino experience and wonderful family time as the resort caters for both.

    Where is the most popular casino?

    The best casino on this list.

    • Venice – Macao, China.
    • Bellagio in Vegas USA.
    • Monte Caro – Monaco.
    • Casino Grand Lisboa.
    • Casino Barrier Dadeville


    MGM Grand Vegas Casino – Nevada, USA

    The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada is an extremely lucrative casino and the brand’s 2018 consolidated revenues reached $11.8 million. The property opened December 19 1993 which was deemed the 3rd-highest casino complex in the U.S. following the Palazzo and Venetian. It covers 171500 and has over 3100 slots and 139 tables and poker tables. The resort has 6852 hotel rooms and contains many night clubs and bars. MGM gives its Holiday Gift Shoppe the option to redeem credit points for jewellery and electronic goods.

    MGM Grand – Macau, China

    The MGM Grand Macau is one of several examples of Chinese mega casinos that inspired its Las Vegas counterpart. The opening of the Grand Macau in December 2007 resulted from an alliance between MGM Resorts International and Pansy Ho, daughter of respected casino magnates Stanley Ho and. Built over 288.8 hectares, it boasts 3 waves of varying shapes to reflect the ocean swells of the South Chinese Sea. The casino floor stretches over 220,000 m2 offering a wide range of table and slot machines.

    Trilenium Casino – Buenos Aires Argentina

    South Africa’s Trilenium Casino the world’s largest casino. Since opening in the area in the last couple years, it has become a popular gaming destination in the area. It houses several of the best restaurants around Tigre. Unlike some casinos listed here, Trilenium Casino is among only a few which does not offer accommodation. It is not a problem though, because the best Villa Julia hotels are nearby.

    Casino Lisboa – Lisbon, Portugal

    Casino Lisboa opened in April 2006 and is one of the newest gambling sites in Europe. Casino Lisboa in Lisbon has a good turnout and an excellent variety of games. The hotel is naturally smaller in dimensions than its Las Vegas counterparts but offers the most modern gaming experience in a comfortable setting with 700 slots machines and 22 game tables. Interestingly, the property belongs to Estoril Sol – an enterprise where Stanley Ho was a majority shareholder.

    What makes a casino successful?

    It is primarily important for casino brands to create trust among their customers and the casino. Trust leads to trust — it’s a commitment that is successful. Those casinos that gain credibility are likely to prosper as they repeat themselves as well.

    Casino hospitality offers

    A hotel close to or directly close to the casino offers lodging and could include other commonly used amenities like food and beverages, parking, swimming pools, wellness centres and onsite entertainment.

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