Tories staring down election oblivion as second leader contest in six weeks looms


    The survey of 1,632 voters on October 19 and 20 finished just ahead of Ms Truss’ dramatic resignation today.
    But the results confirmed a collapse in trust in her government with 70 percent having a negative opinion.
    Labour was on 53 percent (up 4) while the Conservatives were on a mere 22 percent.
    The result was made worse because Techne UK has had the damage to Tory popularity at a lower level than many other polling companies.

    This was the first time Labour had taken a lead of more than 30 percent with them.

    General disillusionment among voters was underlined with the fact that 24 percent of those asked would not bother to vote in a general election.

    Meanwhile, Labour had managed to even take a lead with 2016 Leave voters who split 40 percent for Sir Keir Starmer’s party and 35 percent for the Tories.

    Even Conservative voters in 2019 were turning to Labour with 40 percent of them backing Starmer.

    The results come as the Tories embark on their second leadership contest in just six weeks.


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