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‘Totally disgusting’: Residents ‘shocked’ over permit price increase, £35 to park at home



The annual fee for parking permits will rise to £35 from £18, while visitors permits will increase by £10 from £25 to £35. The price hike had been approved by Stoke-on-Trent City Council 18 months ago, but the increase was delayed due to the pandemic and the country entering lockdown last March.

“I’m always on the phone because people keep parking in our permit spaces and they block my drive.

“It’s awful, totally disgusting, the parking officers should be here three or four times a day.

“It’s really made me angry, I can’t get over that. Council Tax has gone up, why do we pay that and then have to pay to park in our own street?”

Another resident, Elizabeth Doward also pays for a residential permit and a visitor’s permit.

“I don’t understand how they can justify that price. I have to have a resident permit and a visitor permit. But I don’t think I will have a visitor one now if it’s going up that much.”

In response to the criticism, Councillor Daniel Jellyman, said the changes were approved by a full council more than 18 months ago and were subject to a period of public consultation.

The cabinet member for regeneration, infrastructure and heritage, continued saying: “The introduction of the cost increase was intentionally delayed due to the country entering lockdown shortly after it was agreed and people being told to stay at home.

“The price of the permits has not increased for more than 10 years, but the cost of running the service has gone up in that time.

“However, even with this price increase, our permits are still cheaper than some neighbouring councils.

“Many council staff, including teams in parking, have done extraordinary duties during the pandemic and are now returning to their full-time roles.

“Residents can report permit abuse by emailing [email protected]

Express.co.uk have contacted Stoke-on-Trent Council for a comment.


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