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Toto Wolff calls for FIA precedent over Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen worry


Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has called on the FIA to set a precedent moving forward to stop any future clashes like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s at the Italian Grand Prix. In the immediate aftermath, Wolff accused Verstappen of a “tactical foul” after the pair collided on lap 26 of the race in Monza, with both drivers crashing out of the race.

After falling behind due to a slow pit-stop, Verstappen found himself battling with Hamilton, trying to pass the Briton heading into the chicane at turn one, before bumping over the kerbs.

The Red Bull went airborne before the tyre grazed Hamilton’s helmet, landing awkwardly on top of the Mercedes with both beached in the gravel.

Afterwards the stewards deemed Verstappen to be “predominantly to blame” for the incident, which saw him handed a three-place grid penalty for Russia.

And Wolff wants procedures put into place to avoid similar scenarios in the future.

“The collision was avoided in one case and not in the other,” Wolff told AutoHebdo. “There are stewards, they have spoken.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crash analysed by Carlos Sainz 

In the aftermath, Verstappen said Hamilton had “kept squeezing until there wasn’t room anymore” and that’s why the pair collided on track.

“We were racing for position today but you need two people to work together to make the corner and Lewis just kept squeezing until there wasn’t room anymore for two cars and that’s when we crashed,” said Verstappen.

“When he exited the pits, he started to squeeze me going into Turn 1 so I had to use the green part of the track. It was very tight but there was room for me to go around the outside and then I was pushed onto the orange sausage kerb.

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