Trident under threat! UK nuclear missile fleet could be 'crippled' – horror warning



    A continuous overtime ban is now set to start, and if this doesn’t knock some sense into the companies then all options remain on the table for us, including strike action.”

    The Ministry of Defence facility in Scotland has been a target of the ruling Scottish National Party rhetoric, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon making clear her intentions to scrap the nuclear deterrent programme.

    A report published in the Financial Times claimed that Whitehall civil servants had already made preparations for the event of Scottish independence.

    However, politics and nuclear weapons expert, Dr Nick Ritchie, told that Trident is unlikely to be scrapped in Scotland for at least two decades.

    He said: “Perhaps there would be a timeframe around that, perhaps it will be based here for 20 years, that gives 20 years to find some other solution.”


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