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UK should make it 'harder' for illegal migrants by changing internal law, says French MP


Pierre-Henri Dumont, 33, suggested the British Government must take action if it wants to deter migrants from crossing the Dover Strait. Monsieur Dumont made the claim after he said the French border force have doubled their patrols along the coast.

The MP for Calais told the BBC: “We need also to tackle why the immigrants want to cross.”

He added: “And it means the British Government needs to change some pieces of internal law to make it harder for illegal migrants to find accommodation, houses and jobs in the UK.”

When migrants arrive in the UK many are housed in hotels.

In August, the Telegraph revealed putting up Channel crossers in hotels could cost the British taxpayers £70million in 2021.

In a separate appearance on Radio 4’s Today, the Calais MP said: “The fact is, we’ve got 300 or 400km of shore to monitor every day and every night.

“It’s quite impossible to have police officers every 100 metres, for example, because of the length of the shore to monitor.”

He went on to claim: “The smugglers are using some fake small boat crossings to make the police officers go to this spot with maybe 20 or 30 people to intercept them.

“And then when the police officers are set to intercept a small boat in one place, they send the real small boats with hundreds of people.”

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In a post on Twitter, Natalie Elphicke said: “If the French won’t stop the small boats then we need to.”

She was joined by prominent Red Wall MP Lee Anderson who said: “We should drop these illegal immigrants, not migrants, off on a French beach and send the French government a bill for the cost of the journey.”

All of this comes after it was widely reported up to 1,000 migrants took the perilous 21-mile journey from France to the south England coast on Monday.

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