UK storm forecast: Cyclone to spark cold plunge with week of wind and rain


    A ‘secondary’ cyclone spawned by the deep low-pressure system will sweep into Britain as temperatures tumble. While Scotland faces early snowfall at the weekend, forecasters warn of a nationwide threat of heavy rain.

    Torrential downpours threaten floods in parts of the country as strong winds plough the country.

    Jim Dale, meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “A low-pressure system stays to the north of Scotland towards the end of the week, but a front coming into the country will drag cold air behind it, so we are looking at a potential cold plunge at the end of the week.

    “A secondary low-pressure system, which is a breakaway low from the first one, comes in next weekend, and there is cold northerly air associated with this.

    “This week is generally going to be unsettled, with more of a risk of heavy rain, and there will be the added risk of some high winds.”

    It comes as experts warn Britain could be in line for a particularly savage winter with prolonged periods of cold and snow.

    A La Nina cooling of the eastern Pacific combined with building high pressure and a potential Sudden Stratospheric Warming, the driver for the 2018 Beast from the East, will drive the cold weather.

    The Met Office said ‘global weather patterns’ will have a knock-on effect on the UK’s weather this winter.

    Chief meteorologist Paul Davies said: “Long-range outlooks are driven by global weather patterns and even if these influences, for example, suggest a higher-than-usual chance of a mild winter this would not rule out having cold spells, or even a cold winter.

    “These scenarios would just be less likely based on the information available at the time the forecast is made. It is therefore also important to examine our regular monthly updates to the long-range outlook.”
    Independent forecasters agree early signals suggest the UK is heading for a cold spell.

    Freezing temperatures and snow could arrive before mid-October, setting the tone for a bone-numbing autumn.

    James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, said: “There is the potential for a period of wintry cold weather during the end of October and into the start of next month.

    “This will bring a contrast to the warmer weather we have seen around this time of year in previous years.”

    Unsettled weather through the coming days will be driven by an active jet stream passing over the UK.

    The rapid ribbon of air high in the atmosphere, which has split into two separate arms, will help steer stormy weather into the country.

    After an early deluge kick-starts the week, northern regions will fall into the main firing line with a more settled picture for the south.

    Stormy conditions will pick up nationwide from around mid-week as chilly winds blow in from the north.

    Met Office meorologist Tom Morgan said: “Monday morning will see an improving picture with lots of sunshine for many parts of the KK, a bit more of patchy cloud in the north and a few scattered showers.

    “For most it’s a fine and sunny picture in the afternoon, but temperatures will be a little bit down compared to the weekend.

    “There will be a cooler north-westerly breeze for most, so temperatures will be a little bit down from the weekend, particularly if you factor in that wind in the north.”

    Weather models reveal temperatures dipping to freezing in northern Britain next weekend with lows in single figures more widely.

    Mr Dale, author of Weather Or Not? said: “It is going to turn colder, although with the high winds there may be less of a risk of a frost.

    “But there could be a flurry of snow over high ground in Scotland.”


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