UK weather forecast: ‘European heat dome’ builds before Britain scorches in hot sunshine

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Thus far May has been bleak for much of the UK, with temperatures below average for the time of year. According to The Weather Outlook forecaster Brian Gaze this is set to change.

Citing data from the European Centre for Medium-Range weather forecasts (ECM), Mr Gaze said on Twitter: “West European ‘heat dome’ appearing on ECM.

“It’s extraordinary how quickly heat seems able to build these days.”

He shared a screenshot of an atmospheric model weather map showing western Europe engulfed in red and the UK in orange next Friday.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin has predicted temperatures will rise sharply over the next few days.

He commented: “Sunglasses, sunhat and sunscreen definitely required this weekend.

“Some warm sunshine on offer this May after what has been a very very chilly month.”

Saturday will start chilly for parts of the country, with temperatures dropping to single digits for northern Scotland and East Anglia.

Some light rain should be expected over the midlands, western Scotland and parts of Wales but this should soon clear up.

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Conditions will remain fine over Saturday evening though there may be some scattered showers.

However overnight some mist and cloud might creep back across parts of eastern Britain.

Mr Deakin said: “Again for some Sunday will start a bit drab but that should move back to the coast pretty quickly once more.

“Some coasts might just stay a bit misty, there’s the small chance of one or two isolated showers across Scotland and Northern Ireland but for most places it’s a sunny Sunday.

“Now that sun is also pretty strong. UV levels this weekend will be high or very high, temperatures will be up as well more widely on Sunday over 20C.

“Inland 23, 24 is possible on Sunday afternoon.”

More sunshine is expected on Monday though eastern areas might also see a little mist.

The worst of the weather will be over north-west Scotland where cloud and some patchy rain should be expected.

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