Ukraine LIVE: Putin's hands 'turning black' after leaked emails pinpoint his two diseases


    An EU report has said disinformation and hatred against Jews has “flourished” online throughout Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    Michael O’Flaherty, director of the Vienna-based Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) said: “The coronavirus pandemic and Russia’s aggression against Ukraine further fuelled” anti-Semitism, which “remains a serious problem in our societies.”

    A report highlighted “the risks of fake narratives” and disinformation stoking up anti-Semitism, as Russia justified its war by misusing “terms such as ‘Nazi’ and ‘genocide'” to describe the government in Ukraine.

    In its annual report, which was compiled this July, the FRA said that “Jewish communities across Europe” have been “profoundly affected” by online hate and disinformation in the context of the Russian invasion and the outbreak.

    The bloc’s rights agency reiterated that “recording of anti-Semitic incidents remains poor across Europe,” with data collection and classification varying in each country.


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