'UK's like an enemy state!' EU nationals furious at new checks when entering Britain


    They are furious at having border controls imposed upon them on entry to Britain. Some said they fear they will be refused entry and UK Border Force officials will treat them harshly. A Spanish airline worker said he was detained at Gatwick Airport for 45 minutes.

    He told The Guardian: “My passport was not associated with the settled status.

    “When I told them that is because I applied using my ID card which was perfectly acceptable to the Home Office, they told me that ID cards are no longer acceptable at the border.”

    He was forced to show his airline ID and his flight-attendant schedule to gain entry to the UK.

    He added: “Because of my job I have flown to many destinations and I have been through border controls in different countries.

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    “I felt I had landed in some random enemy state.

    “This is the first time I felt intimidated by a police officer asking me questions just for being a foreigner living in the UK.”

    One German national was detained at Heathrow Airport despite having proof of settled status in the UK.

    The German national has indefinite leave to remain in the UK and his British passport was on the way.

    He told the newspaper: “I have settled status.

    “I have indefinite leave to remain.

    “I am about to become a British citizen.

    “How is it that a border official with one tick can suspend those rights?”

    The German national added: “To be blunt, I am avoiding coming back to the UK now until I get my British passport.

    “I pay a large amount of tax there, I have never used the health service, I contribute to the economy, I own property there.

    “London is my favourite city in the world, but I have no documents to show I can stay there.”

    He complained that the UK Government should give EU citizens a residency card to show employers, landlords, or border officials.

    Wolfgang said: “They need to provide a document that guarantees that this is an irrevocable status unless you have some sort of major criminal offence.”

    Labour’s Hilary Benn said 4.9 million EU citizens who have already been granted settled could face challenges on return to the UK.

    Mr Benn said: “It’s worrying to hear of these incidents happening.

    “The Home Office needs to make sure that all Border Force staff are fully trained in applying the new rules.”


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