‘Ultimate’ roast potatoes: Perfect recipe for crispy spuds ‘add bicarbonate of soda’



    Barry’s Reddit tips inspired roast potato method

    Barry opted for halving his potatoes.

    Taking advice from Reddit, he used garlic, a stock cube, and salt in his potato water and put potatoes in cold water, slowly heating it to par-boil them.

    Once the potatoes were parboiled he drained them and shook the par-boiled potatoes up in a colander so they got nice and fluffy. Barry then left them to steam dry in the colander before adding cornflower to help get them crispy, mixing in a tablespoon of the cornflower.

    Which his potatoes were steam drying, Barry put beef dripping to the tray to roast the potatoes in and allowed this to cook in the oven.

    This is so that his boiled potatoes would go into sizzling hot fat and behind to crisp up immediately.

    He put the potatoes into the hot oil tray, added more rosemary, and then put them in the oven for 40 minutes at 200.

    Then, 20 to 25 minutes before they were done, he gave each one “a little squish” with a potato masher and then put them back in for another half an hour to 40 minutes.


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