'Ultra-nationalists are really angry with him!' Putin allies fury at missile attack cost


    Lord Dannatt discussed reports of Ukraine’s air defence knocking down up to 43 of the 80 missiles fired by Russian troops. The former head of the British army also discussed seeing a message from a contact about how Russian right-wing ultra-nationalists were angry with Russian President Putin. He claimed that the ultra-nationalists were annoyed that the Russian dictator spent $200m on firing at meaningless targets in Ukraine. Lord Dannatt went on to compare Russia’s weaponry with Ukraine’s gifted top-of-the-range weapons systems.

    Lord Dannatt told GB News: “Yes there is a very good case to get on with it and provide air defence.

    “Again, it’s difficult to know where the truth actually lies, but the Ukrainian airforce claims it knocked down 43 of the 80-odd or so, missiles that came in yesterday.

    “That may be over-reporting, so they have got some degree of air defence already.

    “But frankly technology does exist that can knock down these cruise missiles, I mean they’re quite large things.

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    Lord Dannatt added: “And therefore to promise it is one thing but to actually get that equipment in place is really, really important.

    “But you know, this hasn’t been a one-way ride for Putin.

    “I saw a message from a contact yesterday, saying that ultra-nationalists on the right wing of Putin are really angry with him for spending $200m yesterday on hitting meaningless targets.

    “So when President Zelensky said they were focusing on people and energy, I think it was pretty indiscriminate.

    “It just shows that they haven’t got the degree of technology, the accuracy… but now the Ukrainians have got with their HIMARS missiles for example.”

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    In recent weeks Putin has annexed more areas of land in Ukraine, such as the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, despite countries around the world refusing to call them Russian territories.

    Putin has been scrambling to win the war by replenishing his troops with an additional 300,000 men.

    Leaked reports have shown that Russian prisoners are also some of those who have been conscripted.

    Reports of major Russian losses had been circulating on Telegram and various other outlets for well over a month now.

    Sir Jeremy Fleming, the head of GCHQ, claimed that Russia had been facing major losses.

    Sir Jeremy will add in his keynote address: “Their gains are being reversed. The costs to Russia – in people and equipment are staggering.

    “We know – and Russian commanders on the ground know – that their supplies and munitions are running out.

    “Russia’s forces are exhausted. The use of prisoners to reinforce, and now the mobilisation of tens of thousands of inexperienced conscripts, speaks of a desperate situation.”



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