'Unworkable!' Andrew Marr skewers Tony Blair as he slaps down vaccine passport plea

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In a discussion on the possibility of introducing vaccine passports to Britons, former Prime Minister Tony Blair pleaded that biometric IDs are the future. Speaking to Andrew Marr Mr Blair stressed the move would is “completely sensible” and “in the end be better for people”. He explained how the information harvested by the Government would be “minimal” compared to places such as “local supermarkets” in a desperate plea to get the IDs rolled out.

Marr asked: “This is ID cards by the back door isn’t it?”

Tony Blair replied: “I was then, I remain even more convinced today, particularly with biometric technology.

“The world will move to biometric ID and they will do it because in the end, it is better for people.

“The amount of information government is going to have on you is going to be minimal compared to what the local supermarket has on you.”

He added: “So this is a completely sensible way to go.

“I think you will find people right around the world will go towards this.

“And by the way it will facilitate access to government services.

“And cut out fraud.”

More to follow…

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