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Virgo New Moon horoscope: How to celebrate tonight's New Moon


Virgo is one of the three grounded and realistic Earth signs, alongside Taurus and Capricorn.

This New Moon is in Virgo, so Kirsty said it is going to bring “strength and stability”.

The author and Moon expert said: “This New Moon brings earthy strength and stability, and is asking you to grow roots.

“You’re being asked to set foundations for what you want to become and for the dreams and intentions you want to bring into reality this year.

“Virgo will show you practical next steps and bring a logical plan, with all the information, knowledge, and support that you need to be able to easily move forward.

“You may remember that we had a lot of Virgo energy supporting the Blue Moon as this Moon released you, liberated you, called you forwards, called you to expand and begin to step into who you’re here to be and the future that’s been waiting for you.

“Now this Virgo energy is here to support you once more.”

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