Watch out Samsung! New TVs offer pin-sharp screens at a more affordable price


    It’s no secret that Samsung makes some of the best TVs in the business but treating yourself to one of the Korean tech firm’s pin-sharp QLED tellies isn’t exactly cheap. Pop one of the latest 55-inch Neo QLED screens in your shopping basket and you won’t get much change from £1,200.

    That’s a high price to pay for a nightly box set binge but there could be a cheaper option launching in the coming months. Sharp has announced that it is about to unleash a brand new EQ range of pin-sharp goggleboxes and they’ll cost half the price of similar sets from Samsung.

    For just £649 you’ll get a 50-inch 4K Quantum Dot display that’s compatible with the latest HDR10 and Dolby Vision content. Both of these screen technologies are aimed at making things look more punchy with brighter colours, richer blacks and improved contrast appearing on the display.

    And it’s not just the picture that should look good as there’s some impressive audio tucked inside the box which is powered by the audio experts at Harman/Kardon.

    All of Sharp’s new TVs come pre-installed with Android 11 which offers easy access to a swathe of apps including streaming service such as Disney+, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

    IF that’s got you excited then the new EG series will launch in the first part of 2022 with a 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch models all coming to the UK.

    As we mentioned earlier, prices start from £649.99 with things rising to £1,299 if you want the supersized 75-inch screen.

    That might sound expensive but a 75-inch QLED from Samsung will set you a whopping £2,499 making Sharp’s new gadgets look seriously good value.

    Of course, Sharp isn’t the only firm about to launch a new telly.

    Sky has just taken the wraps off its new Sky Glass device which not only includes a screen but also everything to watch the firm’s channels.

    This all-in-one system doesn’t even need a dish on the wall with everything beamed to it via the internet.

    There’s even a soundbar tucked under the display and you can watch telly in other rooms via something called the Sky Stream Puck.

    Sky says that Sky Glass will be available from October 18 with prices starting from just £13 per month.

    You can find full details about Sky Glass here.


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