What to Wear for Fitness: Instructions for Beginners

    You have decided to let physical activity into life, bought a subscription to a fitness gym. It remains to choose clothing for fitness, which must be comfortable, beautiful, and not to look like a black sheep among the experienced visitors to the gym.

    Fitness Clothing: What Are the Features

    The sports style became a current trend in modern fashion and firmly entered the everyday closet. Almost everyone will have a couple of closet items a la “sports-chic” – is it worth spending money on special clothes for fitness? Definitely, yes.


    Everyday clothes and shoes or your home pajamas you wear while playing on a PlayAmo login website, no matter how “athletic” they look, are not suitable for workouts. The thing is in the peculiarities of cut and materials. Fitness clothing should be made of a special fabric, which:

    • Provides freedom of movement, easily stretches in all directions.
    • Expels sweat, while quickly drying.
    • Resistant to snags, shrinkage and stretching, rolling, fading.
    • Smooth to the touch, fits snugly around the body.


    For active workouts, buy clothing made of blended fabrics, which contain high-quality synthetic materials: elastane, lycra, polyester, polyamide. Manufacturers combine them with each other, as well as with cotton and viscose.


    Let’s analyze in detail what veteran athletes wear to the gym.

    Comfortable Top

    If you approach the choice of women’s fitness equipment responsibly, you should start with a sports bra. Normal underwear keeps the breast at rest, but during the exercises the range of motion increases, and the breast tissues need a more serious support. In sports bras, it’s achieved by a special cut, wide straps and special materials. This means that it will be possible to avoid unpleasant feelings from slipping down straps, bunched cups, and skin chafing against the bones.


    It’s important to choose the right bra for fitness. If you are planning a “quiet” type of training (yoga, Pilates), a bra with light support is enough, while reinforced is recommended for fans of aerobics, tap, jogging.


    The larger the size of the chest and the more intense the workout, the more support is needed.


    A T-shirt made of a suitable fabric is an essential element of your fitness closet. A beginner should not buy something that resembles a hoodie, even if the desire to hide extra pounds is great. Such clothes can get caught on the trainer, bind up at the most important moment and you will not be able to focus on the training. Then what should a girl who has just lost weight wear to work out? A T-shirt that is moderately close to the figure is a good choice not only for aesthetics but also for honing your exercise technique. This makes it easier to monitor the correctness of posture, position of arms and back.


    Pay attention to the depth of the cut. Things that are too open can cause discomfort during active movements, bends (for example, when performing hyperextension).

    Suitable Bottoms

    As the bottom part of the sports closet, the universal option is tight leggings or leggings. Buy a model with a wide silicone belt – it won’t slip during squats and lunges, or choose a version with a high fit.


    In specialized stores you can find sports leggings with contrast or mesh inserts. Choosing such clothes to fit your figure, you can visually lengthen the legs, make forms more attractive, and hide the excess. Among sports lovers are popular tights, sports leggings with an increased level of comfort.


    Buying the right sneakers for fitness is a prerequisite for successful training. The result of exercising in unsuitable shoes can be an injury, in the long run – problems with the knees and spine.


    Quality fitness shoes are stable, fit the instep and ankle (without squeezing), breathable, and have a non-slip, flexible sole.


    Trying on sneakers, you need to do a couple of squats, jumps, to assess how comfortable they will work out.


    Ideally, athletic shoes should be selected, focusing on the type of training. For jogging on a track, step aerobics suit running shoes with shock-absorbing sole and reinforced support for the foot. Strength exercises at the gym (squats, pull-ups, etc.) require stable shoes with a rigid sole (cushioning is unnecessary).

    Important Little Things

    During training, you will have to constantly hold the handles of simulators, dumbbells, or a barbell. Professional athletes recommend wearing special gloves to prevent “calluses” on the palms of your hands. They not only protect the hands, but also minimize slipping, allowing a stable grip while exercising.


    For greater comfort, you can buy sports socks. They differ from conventional socks in that they are made of materials that keep your feet dry. A special elastic band prevents slipping, minimalistic seams don’t chafe the foot.

    What You Shouldn’t Wear for Training

    For beginners, it’s useful to know that fitness clubs have their own dress code, even if often unspoken, but it will be good to know about it. Going to the workout, you shouldn’t wear:

    • Jewelry. It’s easy to get caught up in the equipment with a chain, with rings on the fingers, it’s uncomfortable to hold the bar and handles of trainers.
    • Flashy clothing (overly tight, minimalist, etc.). Fitness advertisements depict beauties working out semi-nude, but this is nothing more than an eye-catching picture.
    • Wide short shorts. Performing exercises lying on the back in such clothes, you can show the surrounding people more than you would like.
    • Clothes made of 100% cotton if you plan an intensive workout. This material absorbs sweat easily but doesn’t dry out. The clothes become heavy, uncomfortably cold and damp. Exercising in a sweat-soaked T-shirt is dubious fun, and if you fall under the air conditioner, you can get sick.


    It’s unnecessary to build a workout closet, focusing on the upcoming weight loss. All things must be exactly in size.


    Gym-goers are advised to buy fitness equipment in specialized stores. The right clothes for sports will honorably withstand numerous washings, make the classes comfortable and become the best motivation.

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