'What's going on?' Aldi customers confused as popular product 'vanishes' from shelves


    It seems that Aldi has been having issues with one of its most popular condiments: Bramwells Salad Cream. Shoppers have taken to social media to complain that they haven’t been able to get their hands on the item for a while.

    Aldi has a range of popular condiments, both branded and unbranded.

    Bramwells is its own brand collection, which includes ketchup, brown sauce, and salad cream – all products that usually fly off the shelves.

    The Bramwells Salad Cream is priced at just 69p for a 520g bottle.

    However, some customers have shared on social media that the condiment has “vanished” from shelves.

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    Aldi sometimes stocks Heinz Salad Cream as part of a Specialbuy offer, as it is more expensive than Bramwells’ version, but this hasn’t been available to shoppers either in recent days and weeks.

    Speaking to the Mirror, one customer said: “It’s like the salad cream has completely vanished. I haven’t seen it in my local store in weeks. What’s going on?”

    Other shoppers took to social media to alert Aldi and other Britons about the salad cream’s disappearance.

    One customer wrote: “Aldi just wondering if you know when you’ll have some salad cream back in store because in Grimsby you’ve not had any since you reopened your Grimsby store in September?”

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    Another shopper commented: “Hello my favourite supermarket. Just wondering if it’s just my local store that has ran out of your Bramwells salad cream or have you discontinued it?”

    One Aldi fan said: “I can’t seem to find Bramwells salad cream any longer, only mayonnaise. Has this been discontinued?”

    Another customer was in the same boat. They wrote: “Has all your salad cream gone on holiday?”

    It is not clear when Aldi’s salad cream started “disappearing” from shelves, but one customer believed it to be missing throughout August too.

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    Twitter user @Sarymclary wrote: “Value ketchup and salad cream in all supermarkets including Lidl and Aldi out of stock for weeks in August. Atm Bourbon biscuits seem hard to find. Very odd but specific items.”

    An Aldi spokesperson said: “We apologise to fans of our Bramwells Salad Cream if it’s been out of stock in some stores recently.

    “We are working with our suppliers to restore supply to all our stores as soon as possible.”

    In other Aldi news, the budget retailer has become the first UK supermarket to increase its store assistants’ pay to £11 an hour.

    Workers within the M25 will receive a higher wage of £12.45 an hour.

    The cost-of-living crisis means more families are struggling to pay bills and get food on the table than ever before in Britain. Therefore, Aldi has decided to try and help – the change will affect more than 26,000 workers across the country. 

    Aldi said it has invested around £81million into raising pay over the past 12 months, contributing to its store expansion plans.

    Another part of its plans is that it hopes to create more than 6,000 new jobs this year. This is in addition to the 4,500 permanent roles introduced in 2021.


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