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Which bathroom item was found to harbour the most germs? And it’s NOT the toilet…


The toilet seat ranked at the top for the most cleaned item in a bathroom among homeowners. However, a recent study found radiators harboured the highest level of germs.

Radiators were found to harbour the most grime in a bathroom following a recent study by Rointe. The electric heating specialist tested five items in a bathroom to detect their level of bacteria. 

A toilet seat, shower head, sink taps, sink plug hole and towel rail or radiator were all tested for pathogenic bacterial. The research found radiators to harbour the most grime.

Reflecting on the findings, Antoaneta Tsocheva, founder of FastKlean, said: “I’m not surprised by the results of the study. 

 “On top of the usual suspects like dust, grime, mould and mildew, you also need to think about germs and bacteria. 

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It’s a good idea to remove any dust by using a cloth to wipe down the radiator.

Antoaneta said: “Strap on your rubber gloves and remove all of the dust first. If you’re feeling particularly fancy, you can use a specialised radiator brush, otherwise, a simple duster or microfibre cloth will suffice.”

A simple combination of water and vinegar can be combined to make a simple cleaning solution, added Antoaneta.

To make the concoction, combine equal parts of water and vinegar, before pouring into a spray bottle and applying to the heating appliance.

“​​Bathroom radiators and towel rails should be cleaned at least three times per month,” said Antoaneta. Ideally, you would add your entire bathroom to your weekly cleaning routine. 

“This will allow you to keep the germs at bay and make your cleaning sessions shorter on average.”

As part of the research, 1000 people were asked how often they cleaned items in their bathroom on a weekly basis.

The findings showed the toilet seat was the most cleaned item – with 33 percent of people stating they cleaned the area every day.

Meanwhile, the least cleaned item was the bathroom blinds, with 15 percent of people stating they cleaned them once a week, while 13 percent cleaned the item just once a month. 

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