Whinnie Williams shares the ‘biggest mistake’ people make when decorating their homes


    The interior designer recently appeared in the latest series of Changing Rooms alongside Micaela Sharp and Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. Whinnie also founded the interiors brand Poodle and Blonde in 2018 which produces luxury and retro-inspired interiors and nostalgic prints across wallpapers and soft furnishings.

    In her latest venture, Whinnie is supporting B&Q’s new campaign which showcases a range of new stylist interior products at B&Q.

    The new range shows that homeowners can make simple refreshes to the home without spending a fortune, and still make a big difference.

    Whinnie spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk about the new B&Q campaign, how to create a retro interior and what to avoid.

    The interior expert said just using the “right accessories” can make a huge difference to a home’s interior without costing a fortune.

    She said: “It’s great that with the right accessories you really can – without too much expense – make a room feel totally different.

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    “I love that B&Q are going for these dressing items. It’s a one-stop shop really for everything.

    “You can refresh your room with a lick of paint, you can do a feature wall or completely transform a room with a pot of paint and then get some throws or candles to chuck in and you’ve got a complete makeover in one place. I love that.”

    Whinnie often embraces retro and vintage styles when designing rooms and spaces.

    Her previous home in Margate reflected just that with patterned wallpaper, vintage furniture, brightly painted walls, eclectic ornaments and an absolutely stunning pink, retro bathroom.

    Their Victorian home was a series of flats that they unified and redecorated to become a five-bedroom property.

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    The home’s incredible aesthetic has seen it used for fashion shoots and music videos for amazing brands and talented musicians.

    When it comes to interior design, there’s not much Whinnie won’t try. She even recently used Artex – a surface coating widely used in Britain during the 70s – in someone’s home on Changing Rooms.

    However, the interior designer said there is one thing homeowners should avoid – following trends that don’t resonate with you.

    “Don’t do interiors that you think you need to do or that you think are the right thing to do.

    “We’ve all heard it people [saying], ‘don’t paint your ceiling dark or don’t don’t paint a dark room dark’.

    “There are all these different things you hear and it’s just like, don’t listen to people unless you love that person’s interiors. I wouldn’t listen!

    “Our parents’ generation, weren’t into dark, painted walls and I think you’ve really got to love what you live in, your home should really reflect your personality.

    “So I think do your research, looking in your wardrobe. What’s your favourite outfit? What’s your favourite print? What’s your favourite film? Favourite song?

    “That’s how I love to design. I always say, if you were a little movie star, what would your film look like?

    “Like what would your house in the film be like? And sort of design from there. So I’d say the biggest mistake is don’t follow a trend because you feel you have to.”

    Whinnie has partnered with B&Q to launch its new range of interior products this Autumn. From furniture, to soft furnishings and paint, it’s easy to complete your interiors project with B&Q as it has everything you need in one place. To shop the new range and get some inspiration head to diy.com/projects/home-decor


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