William and Kate could 'dip their toe in politics' in 'controversial' favour for Boris

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Royal expert Russell Myers explained that Duke of Cambridge Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton are expected to start spending more time in Scotland. While on the Lorraine show with Lorraine Kelly, he noted it was unusual for the Royal Family to get involved in politics. He added the Duke and Duchess would likely be showing face in Scotland in hopes of keeping the British Union together.

He admitted palace officials were worried politicians were losing Scotland.

Ms Kelly acknowledged that while William and Kate have not yet put a foot wrong, this favour for the Government could prove vastly controversial.

Ms Kelly said: “William and Kate are planning on spending more time in Scotland?

Mr Myers replied: “Yes they are and this was revealed over the weekend.

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“Royal aides are a bit worried that politicians are losing Scotland was the quote.

“It is a bit of soft diplomacy going on here.

“We don’t normally get the royals dipping their toes into the political world very often.

“But William and Kate had a great successful tour in Scotland and were loved by the people who were up there.”

“You will see them spending a bit more time up in Scotland and trying to keep the Union together.

“They did meet politician’s from both sides of the argument, Nicola Sturgeon and Gordon Brown.

“Watch this space I think.”

Ms Kelly replied: “It could be controversial, they have to be so careful, they really do.

“The tour was very good and they haven’t put a foot wrong.”

Express.co.uk has contacted Kensington Palace for comment. 

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