Woke row: Council officers warn replacing ‘offensive’ street names may cost taxpayers


    A review was launched across the country after the Black Lives Matter protests, looking at whether street names had links to slavery and colonialism. But changing the names would force residents to alter their address information for their bills, banking and insurance cover.

    According to the Telegraph, council officers in Maidenhead have said the accumulated charges for the changes could come to “several hundred pounds per household and potentially considerably more”.

    The council officers were examining the expense of renaming “Blackamoor Lane”.

    They warned that the local authority, funded by the taxpayer, would likely have to compensate the costs placed on residents for changing street names.

    The officers at Windsor and Maidenhead council added how the residents and businesses would face a process similar to “moving to a new house or business premises”.

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    Cecil Rhodes House is home to 72 households and is being changed to Park View House.

    The block was identified as problematic because Cecil Rhodes was a central figure in the growth of the British Empire.

    Camden Council promised to foot the bill of any costs placed on residents who need to “update their address with any organisations or on documents”.

    The Council said: “The block was named in 1957 by St Pancras Borough Council, which was the local authority at the time. The original plan was to call it Grangefield and signs were made.

    “However the Council made a last minute decision to call the block Cecil Rhodes House, despite objections by some councillors.”


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