'Won't soothe the standoff!' Laura Kuenssberg pinpoints problem for UK-Franco relations

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BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg highlighted that Brexit Britain will continue to have a standoff with the European Union. Ms Kuenssberg argued that European leaders like France’s President Emmanuel Macron, have voiced their displeasure at Britain on sticking to the Brexit agreement. Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Ms Kuenssberg the UK would come up with pragmatic solutions to solve the issues being caused by the Northern Ireland protocol. 

Mr Johnson added that the UK Government would do whatever it had to maintain the integrity of the United Kingdom and not treat Northern Ireland as a separate entity. 

However, Ms Kuenssberg argued that this would not soothe relations.

Ms Kuenssberg said: “With a big decision looming at home, the main businesses though is relationships abroad.

“European leaders have been expressing displeasure at how they believe the UK is not sticking to the Brexit deal over Northern Ireland.

“All is not fine on the UK side either.

“The Prime Minister believes Brussels is going over the top.”

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