‘Worst mistake!’ Common home improvements that ‘devalue’ a property – ‘potential hazard’


    “Embrace neutral colour schemes and opt for warming hues such as light grey and terracotta. They might seem far from exciting, but it’s the best way for surveyors to see the potential and for buyers to imagine themselves residing in your home. It’s the next best thing to a blank canvas.”

    5. Old kitchens

    In terms of properties, kitchens have been revolutionised the most due to technological advances. From the way households cook, to the size of the breakfast bar, they have changed throughout the years.

    The three most important elements are the tabletops, cabinetry and appliances, in the eyes of the expert. Thomas explained: “A modern kitchen will help to sell a house. It can be expensive to have a complete overhaul and refit the entire unit, but potential buyers might be put off if they must visualise the amount of work they need to do.” Also, another factor to consider is by having the structure undergo repairs and renovation to prevent costly damages in the future since they are prone to water damage. With this, tuckpointing is the best renovation project to have it under and if you are wondering how long does tuckpointing last, you may seek help from the experts to give you an idea regarding the process.

    6. Darkened rooms

    It’s no surprise that a dark room will instantly shift a person’s mood and feel uninviting. The expert noted: “A bright room with plenty of natural light will attract more buyers. If a room is painted in dark shades of blue for example, the room will appear dull, even next to artificial lighting.”


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