'Wrong on Brexit!' Mark Dolan tears into Keir Starmer and rejects comparison to Tony Blair


    On Sunday evening, Mark Dolan criticised Keir Starmer by calling him “Mr Middleground” and “Captain Vanilla”, and suggested the Labour leader lacks principles. However, Nina Myskow disagreed and said the Labour leader was a great candidate as he was a more centrist and said: “We’ve gone from Jeremy Corbyn to Boris Johnson, two extremes. We don’t want that, we want centre, we want safe.”

    As part of a GB News segment called “Mark’s Big Opinion”, Presenter Mark Dolan criticised Labour leader Keir Starmer, and said: “They say don’t they, that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, well Starmer doesn’t please anyone any of the time.” 

    He added: “His main selling point seems to be he’s not lots of other people; he’s not Boris Johnson, and now he’s not Liz Truss.”

    Mr Dolan also called the Labour leader a “duplicitous political schemer” because Mr Starmer was part of Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet. 

    The presenter said that Mr Corbyn had “threatened to bankrupt the country” over his plans to nationalise “everything that moved”. 

    Mr Dolan also claimed that Mr Corbyn had led a Labour Party that was “antisemitic” and “toxic” as it caused Jewish MPs to leave the party and he says a BBC journalist had to travel to the 2017 Labour conference with a bodyguard. 

    The GB News journalist also said: “Keir Starmer campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn to become Prime Minister, which in my view would have been a clear and present danger to our economy and our national security.” 

    Mr Dolan also claimed the Labour leader lacked any solid beliefs and was not comparable to three-time election winner Tony Blair.

    He said: “Keir Starmer is not Tony Blair, he is Tony Blur.

    “Mr vague, a grey, sanctimonious pious figure whose judgement was wrong on Brexit, wrong on Corbyn and most egregiously wrong on Covid.”

    The GB News Presenter also brought on journalist Nina Myskow to discuss Mr Starmer in which the journalist believed the Labour leader has “a great chance now” of winning the next general election.

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    She said: “He may be wooden, he may lack charisma…but he is a man of principle. And after the last few years, it’s absolutely what this country needs.”

    Ms Nyskow also added that the Labour leader only campaigned for Corbyn for “Labour to win the election. 

    She said: “The only he can change the party if he is on the inside, you can’t change the party by not being part of it. That’s what everybody else has to do. So, although he may have campaigned for Jeremy Corbyn to be Prime Minister, he was campaigning for Labour to win so he could get in there and change it.” 

    The journalist also said that Mr Starmer had gotten rid of “the party dinosaurs” such as MP Diane Abbott and Jeremy Corbyn, which led Mr Dolan to admit: “He has been brave with the Corbynites.”

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    Ms Nyskow also said that the Government’s unveiling of their mini-budget on Friday had handed the Labour party the next General Election “on a plate”. 

    She said a recent opinion poll showed that: “Four out of five Tory seats think that Labour is best suited to deal with the economy.”

    Ms Nyskow added: “Labour can only win from the centre. You can’t win from the extreme…the Corbyn era was the most disastrous era for the party. It was unbelievable and Boris Johnson’s landslide wasn’t just because…everybody loved Boris, it was because they were terrified that Jeremy Corbyn would get in.

    “We’ve gone from Jeremy Corbyn to Boris Johnson, two extremes. We don’t want that, we want centre, we want safe.” 

    The journalist said towards the end of the segment that Keir Starmer was a “man of principle” due to the recent rail strikes as she said: “He knows that withdrawing your labour is a basic democratic right of every worker.”


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