Yacht clubs, golf courses, gated communities: Florida's pop-up vaccine clinics raise ethical concerns

When Florida threw open the door for seniors to get COVID-19 vaccines, hundreds camped out overnight, some bundled up in lawn chairs in the January cold to score a shot. 

Thousands more waited in digital lines for their number to come up in county-run vaccine pools.

But for some lucky Floridians, getting a vaccine was as easy as hopping in their golf carts and rolling down to the clubhouse. 

Pop-up clinics offering exclusive vaccine access sprouted at country clubs and a long list of golf course communities stretching from Delray Beach to Lakeland and Ocala. Special clinics also dotted the west coast, from the Tampa exurbs to Naples, where shots were given at a clubhouse in a community with two private beaches and homes that have sold for more than $14 million. A pair of yacht clubs in Martin County and the Florida Keys even secured special vaccine access.

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