Yoga still banned in Alabama public schools, for now, as conservatives cite Hinduism ties

There are no tickets necessary for the Free Yoga on The Green that is held every Saturday at 9 a.m.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – A 28-year ban on yoga in Alabama’s public schools may be in place a little longer.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday deadlocked on legislation from Rep. Jeremy Gray, a Democrat, that would lift the prohibition after testimony from Christian conservatives, who claimed it would lead to proselytizing in public schools by followers of Hinduism.

“Yoga is a very big part of practicing Hindu religion,” said Becky Gerritson, a longtime conservative activist. “If this bill passes, then instructors will be able to come into classrooms as young as kindergarten and bring these children through guided imagery, which is a spiritual exercise, and it’s outside their parents view, and we just believe that this is not appropriate.”

Gray dismissed that in a phone interview Wednesday.

“I’ve been doing yoga probably for 10 years now,” he said. “I’ve taught classes for five years, and I can tell you I still go to a Baptist Church every Sunday.”  

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