'You signed it!' Emmanuel Macron mocked by Britons as bitter Brexit warning backfires


    The outspoken critic of Brexit claimed France will not allow the bloc to back down over what the two sides agreed in the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Speaking with the EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, the French President warned the UK should not be given any leeway in its attempt to alter the Northern Ireland protocol. Commenting on the Express.co.uk story, readers were quick to warn the French President is showing the anxiety of signing up to a deal that will harm French fishermen.

    Indeed, readers revealed Mr Macron’s plan to pressure the UK has now “backfired”.

    One said: “Macron is a very worried man, he signed up to the fishing deal not realizing that three-quarters of his fishing fleet were fishing illegally in UK waters without a transponder fitted.

    “These illegal boats are now kicking off about how unfair it is that the nasty British won’t let them fish anymore.

    “But Macron signed up to the deal and knows all he can do is blame the UK for implementing the fishing deal correctly as are Jersey, if you can’t prove you fished in UK waters before Brexit you can’t fish!

    “This makes his blood boil but he has painted himself into a corner, as he thought he was getting one over on the Brits, how that has backfired, so there will be blockades and tire burning!”

    Following Mr Macron’s comments, others also called on the UK to scrap the deal and the protocol amid the harm it has caused to businesses in Northern Ireland.

    They also called for the UK to begin boycotting French and German goods in favour of products bought in Britain.

    One added: “What more evidence do we need to keep boycotting EU products especially France & Germany.”

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    In his speech, Mr Macron accused the UK of causing the tensions surrounding the Irish border and fishing due to the measures brought about by Britain.

    He said in his speech: “We reaffirmed our clear and simple wish to simply see the test and spirit of the agreement applied.

    “Applied completely and in good faith.

    “The situation in which we find ourselves as regards our fishermen, as regards respect for our common market, and as regards the Irish border – today these are the subject of unilateral measures by the British, which do not respect the agreements.”

    The UK and EU are locked in talks to attempt to resolve the issues to trade in Northern Ireland.

    Brexit minister Lord David Frost has also drawn up a plan to phase in checks for goods moving between Britain and the UK.


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