'You won't convince anyone!' Scottish independence plot for 'mass UK disruption' ridiculed

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A Scottish campaign group has called for civil disobedience around London in a radical bid to force Boris Johnson into a second independence referendum. RT host Kate Partridge ridiculed the group, known as the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC), suggesting it may backfire on the mainstream independence cause led by the SNP. She took group member Jack Ferguson to task, claiming disruption in London is not likely to “convince Boris Johnson” to back an independence vote.

Mr Ferguson explained: “There has been discussion about the idea of taking protest action and doing things that will disrupt the UK government.

“We will get together with experts from nuclear power protests and climate protests.

“We will look at what will have an impact on the UK Government because there is a democratic mandate to hold another referendum.

“But the UK Government seems completely intent on denying democracy and denying Scotland’s right to self-determination.”

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He said the plan to take action in London was due to the fact “that protest action in Scotland has limited impact on the Government in London”.

However, the RT UK host responded: “If you have said that that this type of campaign hasn’t really worked in Scotland, why do you think it will win support for the cause if you do it in London?”

Mr Ferguson responded: “Any action we will take is to have an impact on the UK Government and cause disruption to Boris Johnson and the Tories.”

Ms Partridge hit back: “Boris Johnson has already said he won’t sanction a vote – this won’t convince him, will it?

During the election campaign, Alba Party leader Alex Salmond said mass protests could be a feature of negotiations with the UK Government on Scotland’s independence.

The UK Government has so far refused to grant a second independence referendum and instead has stressed the 2014 vote was a “once in a generation vote”.

Willie Rennie, leader of the Scottish Lib Dems, said: “The nationalists are wired to the moon if they think protesting about this on the streets of London is the priority.

“These people are more interested in an immediate dash for independence than helping our country recover from the pandemic.

“They are out of touch with the needs of most people in Scotland.”

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